Courtney & The Crushers - Cassette

Image of Courtney & The Crushers - Cassette

If you live in the Bay Area you won’t need an introduction to Courtney Castleman. She’s been making music, putting on shows, and been a huge contributor to the Bay Area music scene for years. A few months ago I stopped by JT Recording Studios to finalize some details on the new Pookie and the Poodlez LP with engineer Jason Testasecca. While at the studio Pookie informed me that Courney’s band Courntey and the Crushers happened to be in the studio that same day recording new material. Always interested in the band, I was curious to hear the songs once they were complete. As it turns out, Courtney and I must have had a telepathic connection, because shortly after, the songs appeared in my inbox. These songs are reminisce of 90’s pop and 60’s garage, making it a perfect fit for a Southpaw. If you’re a fan of heavyhitters Shannon & the Clams, Peach Kelli Pop and Colleen Green, this is surely a band for you!

This will not ship until 10/17/15