Digital Leather - Yes Please Thank You Cassette

Image of Digital Leather - Yes Please Thank You Cassette

Defiant, dark, weird- Digital Leather, aka Shawn Foree, is an unflinching subterranean force, compulsively moving against the grain while making some of the most interesting music you’ve never heard. Electronic goth records for garage labels and hard-to-grasp concept records for larger indie labels keeps DL a free agent, which is a good thing because every record is always different. And there a lot of records.

Yes, Please. Thank You is the first DL record that focuses mainly on a full band sound. Foree has absorbed a lot in his tenure as an artist, and he wrings it out in this album- from punk to darkwave, surf, even afro-beat. The songs are succinct. The sound is big. The tone is bleak. You might want to smash your fist through a wall. You might want to dance like it’s the end of the world.