Matthew Melton - Still Misunderstood LP (Warm Soda/Bare Wires)

Image of Matthew Melton - Still Misunderstood LP (Warm Soda/Bare Wires)

Arriving in San Francisco by way of Memphis, stranded by his bandmates, with only a few pieces of (mostly broken) musical equipment and a thrift-store recording setup, MATTHEW MELTON got to work in his ardent pursuit of the elusive California dream that brought him across the country. Still Misunderstood documents this pursuit, revealing his single-handed wielding of the form that would later produce both SNAKE FLOWER 2, BARE WIRES and WARM SODA. These thirteen unreleased tracks transcend genre classification, their raw originality setting them outside the bounds of any recognizable category. Yet this originality coincides with an eerie familiarity that reflects Melton’s acute awareness of what makes great music, regardless of time or trend.

First 100 copies on color vinyl

Includes digital download