Slick - S/T Cassette

Image of Slick - S/T Cassette

The opening refrain of “You Don’t like me cuz I rock and roll” sums up the mind set and attitude of SLICK!’s self titled album. Brash and unapologetic musings wrapped in big hooks and even bigger guitar leads, SLICK! trim the fat and get to the point with zero tought to any sort of pretentious posturing or placating. Rather simple they harken back to sex driven rock and roll and if you don’t “get it”, they don’t care.

Frontman Nick Slick as been rubbing out hits since his teenage band the IMPEDIMENTS. He toured Europe with his previous band GLITZ and as member of APACHE, even backed RUNAWAYS frontwoman CHERIE CURRIE. When GLITZ called it a day he wasted no time forming SLICK! to pick up where they left off. Unabridled by the hang-ups of their current Bay Area music scene they snub their noses at intellectualism and trend to deliver a low brow good time.

12 songs - all clocking in under two minutes apeache, ranging from “Coming Down (from a drug called love)”’s 1910 FRUITGUM Co’s bubblegum leanings to the Alice Cooper sounding “Spider”, SLICK! showcase their appreciation for the history and glory days of rock and roll. Why reinvent the wheel when you can just roll in style?

For fans of DICTATORS, DEVIL DOGS, GG & THE JABBERS, KING TUFF, EXPLODING HEARTS, recorded in one day at Different Fur Studios in San Francisco, CA.

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